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Rates and Accommodations

Meador Homestead is available to only one guest reservation at a time and can accommodate up to four people.

The two room dogtrot log cabin offers a bedroom and a sitting parlor for B&B visitors. Guests will sleep in an 1856 rope bed made by the owner’s great, great grandfather for his bride on their wedding day. Only a few steps away, the private bath is a glorified outhouse with a huge shower and a crystal chandelier from the Kamper Park estate.

On a cool day, guests will enjoy the everflowing breeze through the dogtrot and can rock their cares away viewing wildlife, glorious sunsets, and blooming flowers on the two porches of the cabin. A pond for fishing is also available and you are free to roam the 3 ½ acres at your leisure.

Guests will have their choice of a variety of breakfast meals and may request a lunch, picnic, or dinner if they choose to stay in the cabin instead of dining in area restaurants.

Need a gift to take home with you? Meador Homestead has a unique gift shoppe filled with items for your loved ones.

Whether for a romantic getaway, a football weekend, or a business traveler’s escape, we pride ourselves on providing our guests a peaceful, clean, comfortable, and practical accommodation in a historical setting that will truly take you back in time.

Have a pleasant stay!

Daily rate for the Family Tree House is $150.00 per night.

Rates: for overnight stay which includes breakfast of choice:

  • $125 plus MS taxes and gratuity for 1

  • $150 plus MS taxes and gratuity for 2

Discount rates for extra nights:

  • $75 plus MS taxes and gratuity

Corporate Weekend: (2 nights, 6 meals)

  • $300 plus MS taxes and gratuity for 1

  • $450 plus MS taxes and gratuity for 2

  • $600 plus MS taxes and gratuity for 4

Meador Homestead maintains a 7 day cancellation policy.

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