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Teas from the Land

Blackberry Cream
~a specialty blended black tea and Simply TeaVine’s “Signature Tea”~


This tea brings memories of a sweet childhood---a time when great grandmother and granddaughter walked the land, picking wild blackberries. Afterwards, a warm blackberry cobbler with cream from the dairy farm would be served by loving hands to a little girl. The result?  Simply TeaVine dreams!  Great hot or iced!

Minister’s Cup
~a full-bodied black blended tea with vanilla and grenadine~


From the circuit riding days of a grandfather Meador to our minister of today, the family has always loved to share a cup in the special occasions of life.

Black-eyed Susan
~a black flavored tea with peach pepper taste and flower blossoms~


The flower that gave the University of Southern Mississippi its black and gold colors brings us this special USM tea! USM has played an important part not only in our community but in our family’s history as well. Thank you, USM!

Annie Dean’s Assam
~a classic estate tea of India~


One of the first woman entrepreneurs of Hattiesburg, Annie Dean Thatch Meador attended Mississippi Woman’s College. It was later renamed William Carey College after the founder of modern missions. A full bodied tea from the land Carey loved and a perfect way to pay tribute to Annie’s alma mater. Good with milk or sugar and a good transition for coffee drinkers.

Royal Teas

Keemun Hoa Ya A
~a full bodied Chinese black tea with winey character and oaky notes~

The Queen of England’s favorite tea! Because of the rareness of this tea, an extra surcharge will be added to your tea.

Elizabeth’s Order
~a Darjeeling black tea~


Considered the “champagne of tea”, this 2nd flush tea has a muscatel flavor with a delicious astringency.

Crème de la Crème

~a superlative black flavored tea with caramel crème brulee taste~


Worthy of royal households!


La France pear
~a green tea with sunflower petals & pear~


Lemon Myrtle
~an Austrailian rooibos tea from Queensland. The ultimate in lemon flavor~


Apple & Spice
~an herbal tea with a superb apple and spice taste~


“He watches over them and guards them as the apple of His eye.”


Adam’s Peak
~the ultimate of Pai Mu Tan white tea~


Specially hand selected, this leaf has peach-like overtones.


Masala Chai 
~Indian tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, flavors~


Try it hot or iced with honey and cream for a flavorful experience during amundane afternoon. Perfect for the queen bee!


Spring Pouchong
~Our exclusive oolong, this is semi-fermented tea from Taiwan~

This tea is only available for 3 weeks every April from special tea bushes. Therefore, an extra surcharge will be added to your tea.

Blue-Eyed Prince
~a black flavored tea flavored with wild blueberries~


Excellent over ice or served hot with a pinch of sugar.

Traditional Teas

Earl Grey Eddie

~a black tea with bergamot & calendular flowers~


For those who love the traditional Earl Grey!


Evelyn’s English Breakfast 

~a black tea with good body and full flavor. Good with milk~


Aunt Evelyn, an English teacher in the Hattiesburg’s schools for over 50 years,    would recommend this cup as a perfect way to start your day!

Nancy’s Fancy

~imported from Scotland~


This Keemun breakfast tea is flavored with cornflowers and marigold petals. A tea for people who are extraordinary!

Irish Breakfast

~All the traditions from the isle of Erin~


Superb color and very full bodied.
“For the Lord has planted them like strong and graceful oaks.”

Peppermint Peggy

~an herbal tea with a pungent, cool fresh mint taste~


Many claim it calms the digestive system and relieves heartburn, stomachache and nausea.

Peppermint Pat-Tea

~ a rooibos tea flavored with chocolate and mint~


As close to a hot chocolate tea as you’ll get. Leaves a fresh clean after taste!

Camomile Tea

~a very aromatic herbal tea with chamomile leaves and fruity floral flavor~ 


Often sipped for relief of ailments ranging from toothache to insomnia.

Jasmine Dragon Tears

~a smooth, delicate green tea with heavenly Jasmine notes~


7 Tears in a cup reward the connoisseur with a lifetime tea memory. The green
tea of tradition!              

Apricot Peach

~an herbal tea with apricot and peach flavoring~


The tea leaves alone awakens your senses to an ultimate experience.

Exotic Teas

Almond cookies green

~ flavored with almonds and coconut flavoring~


Transports you to the tropics and a wedding in Jamaica. Our favorite green!

Blue Lady

~ a tasty tropical mélange combining kiwi, strawberry, coconut crème, and blueflower~  


Lady Emily’s favorite!


~a welcoming blend of fine green teas, spring flowers and citrus~


Refreshes as it relaxes your mind. High in antioxidants and a true respite
from the stress of everyday life.

Simply Serene

~an organic herbal tea with lofty notes of citrus blossoms and lavender~

Pu-erh Ginger

~organic wild grown black tea of China, ginger roots and orange peels~


Aged 5 years deep in Yunnan’s mountain caves and known for its earthy tones and medicinal properties such as lowering cholesterol levels.

Berry Melon Sencha

~China green, honeymelon, raspberries, sunflower petals, and flavoring.


The sweet fragrance offers instant gratification for you and those around you.

Avalanche Rooibos

~a South African red tea infused with citrus flavor and peppery finish~


A delightful and healthy combination of apple bits, lemongrass, ginger, orange  peels, basil, and red pepper. Drink this any time, simply for the pleasure. 

White Ambrosia

~a tropical white tea with delectable fruits, vanilla, and slices of coconut~


A tea experience for all the senses, you have the opportunity to be your own
tea master. Steep as long as you like and enjoy at your leisure.

Bombay Chai

~an enticing blend of fine Indian black teas and rare spices~

Spicy, yet well balanced. Try milk, cream, and honey as you experience the art of making an exotic cup of tea.

Children's Teas

Baby’s Blend

~a rooibos blended tea for baby and mother to be!~


“Lullaby and good night, you’re your mother’s delight!~from Brahms’ Lullaby

Mary Poppin Pepper Tea 

~an herbal tea with a cool, fresh peppermint taste~


Put a spoon full of sugar in  to make it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
“We won’t hide your spectacles so you can’t see, put toads in your bed or pepper in your tea.”~ from Mary Poppins

Blue-eyed Prince

~a black flavored tea with flavor of the wild blueberry~


Excellent over ice or served hot with a pinch of sugar.   

Peter Rabbit’s Camomile

~an herbal tea with chamomile leaves and fruity floral flavor~


“His mother put him to bed, and made some chamomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter. One table-spoonful to be taken at bed-time.”  ~from The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Lily Kate’s Lemonade

~good ole-fashioned lemonade for the Southern Belle in all of us~

Sister's Tea

~Simply TeaVine's" signature Blackberry Cream~


“But Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail had bread and milk and blackberries, for supper.” ~from The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Alice’s Wonderland

~A terrific full flavored herbal tea with deep berry notes~


Hibiscus, rosehip chips, vitamin c, currants, raisins, and caffeine free.
“There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it. Alice looked all around but there was nothing on it but tea.”~from The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland


~ a fantasy island black tea flavored with kiwi, coconut, blue flowers, strawberry.~


“Would you like an adventure now,” Peter Pan said casually to John, “or would you like to have your tea first?” Wendy said “tea first” quickly, and Michael pressed her hand in gratitude.”~ from Peter Pan

Peppermint Polly 

~a rooibos tea flavored with chocolate and mint. Our hot chocolate tea~


“Polly, put the kettle on, the kettle on, the kettle on. Polly, put the kettle on and we’ll
have tea.”~from  Mother Goose

Willy Wonka’s Hot Chocolate

~hot milk and chocolate~


“It’s a chocolate, chocolate, chocolate world. And what a palace it was with a hundred rooms----and when you opened the taps in the bathroom, hot chocolate came pouring out.”~from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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