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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Walt Grayson Visits Meador Homestead


Walt and Jo Grayson came to Meador Homestead in June to do a story on the cabin.

With his artful eye, he was able to capture in 2 minutes so many things about the cabin—the history, the location, the well-built structure, and the tranquil breeze that constantly runs through the cabin. Here is his story.

“There are not a lot of these kinds of houses left. And this one might not have lasted this long if it hadn't been disguised for much of its life. And it certainly wouldn't have survived located where it is.

Dean Meador Smith remembers this house as just a regular old country home; wooden weatherboard on the outside walls, regular roof. But the house had a secret. Dean's grandfather told her about it.

"He said if you take everything down underneath it is this 1885 log cabin. And in fact, this room right here we're sitting in when we started restoring it, we took down five different wallpapers."

And when all of the wallpaper and outer wallboards were removed, this is what was underneath. A piney woods log cabin. Two rooms with a broad front and back porch, divided down the middle by an open air dog trot.

There's lots of family history associated with the log cabin.

"My great grandfather and my great, great grandfather were circuit riders. And my great grandfather who lived in this cabin actually married people out on the front steps. This was the old wagon trail. This was the only road that connected Gordonville, which is now Hattiesburg, to the north," said Smith.

And that brings up another point. Exactly where is this cabin located? Well, it's just a stone's throw off Highway 49, not a mile north of I-59 in Hattiesburg. Inside the city limits of one of the state's major cities isn't the first place I'd go hunting for log cabins. But it's here, and secluded like this, presents a little oasis in time.

"They knew how to place cabins back then. They knew how to do it where the wind would blow through it. There's always a wind. There's always a breeze that blows through this cabin. Gives you a sense of peace and tranquility. That's what we want," added Smith.

Just because it looks rustic doesn't mean it wasn't built to last. Charlie McBlair was one of the workers who restored the cabin. He's impressed with the workmanship.

"Oh it is well designed. It is well designed. It took hurricane Katrina, so it is well designed."

Dean uses the cabin as a tea room and a bed and breakfast, for anyone looking for an escape from the day to day world for a little retreat in the past. And although it may be a getaway that's greatly removed from the modern world in time, it's not all that far away in distance.”

Meador Homestead

6775 US Hwy 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

From the Convention Center:

Go North on Hwy. 49 past Classic Drive and Northgate Inn and take first left. The cabin is located across from Wards restaurant.

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A Romantic Getaway?
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Meador Homestead
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Meador Homestead