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Sunday, December 17, 2017


You are cordially invited to

A “RoyalTea” Celebration


Honoring the marriage of

Prince William and Princess Kate

The month of April 2011

Simply TeaVine at Meador Homestead Cabin

Reservation Required at $31 per person


The Tea Royale Wedding Menu

Smoked Salmon (Prince Charles)

Chicken Salad (Queen Elizabeth)

Cottage Pie (Prince William)

Mini Sausage Roll (A Buckingham Palace Favorite)

Asparagus Chantilly

Cucumber Benedictine

Cheese Delight Heart


Lavender and Honey Scone

Devonshire Crème

Lemon Curd

Blueberry Preserves


Strawberries with Creme


Westminster Abbey Chocolate Hat Cake

Peach Melba (Prince Charles)

Wedding Cake Cookie

Cheesecake Pastry with Blueberries

Petit Four

Candies of the Heart

Scottish shortbread cookie


Teas to be Served

King’s Fancy (Scottish Breakfast Tea)

Prince William and Kate met at a university of Scotland

Blue Sapphire (a full bodied Kenyan Black Tea)

Prince William proposed to Kate in Kenya

Keemun Hoa Ya A (Queen Elizabeth’s favoriteTea)

Wedding Cake Almond Green Tea